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Keith Ibsen Photography has been in business as a free lance photographer for over 55 years. 54 years of that time was specializing in Underwater photography for Books, Catalogs and Magazines, along with teaching Scuba and Underwater Photo Classes. For the past 17 years I have also been photographing Portraits, Pets, Beauty, Nature and Macro along with teaching Workshops and Seminars on the above subjects, including programs on Lighting, Basic to Advanced along with Photography for both groups and private lessons. Please Note while I do not photograph weddings or events, I can refer you to other professionals who specialize in those fields.


Client List: Oceanic, Aqua Quest Publications, Dive Training Magazine, Restaurant Startup&Growth, Aaronco Publications, Sea Plane Magazine, Oceans for Youth, Coccos Agressor, B&H Photo, Animal Lovers League, Bookkeeping Information Technology, Painted Image Gallery, Gus Trains Us, Get Credentiialed, Fifth Floor Studio, NOAA, Hillary Viders, Berger Bros. Photo, FJ Westcott, National Geographic Snorkeler, Long Island's Pet Care..

My Equipment Bag.  NikonZ6ll Camera, Nikon Lens. 105mm Macro, 24-70 2.8   14-24 2.8, 70-200 VR 2.8. Think Tank equipment bags, Godox Flashes and wireless remotes, MagMod lightmodifiers, Peak Design Camera straps, FJ Westcott light Modifers, Tether Tools.

Many of my Underwater and Nature Images are available for Purchase. More information on purchasing prints will be posted.

I can be contact for custom Illustrations or photographic assignments on the my Contact page.

Keith Ibsen Photographer and Illustrator

Back in the early 60's I became involved with Scuba Diving, which became a life-long passion and eventually a career spanning over 52 years. It wasn't long before I needed to capture and share my adventures with others. Underwater photography was in its infancy, and other than some homemade housings, the only camera truly designed for underwater photography was the Calypso, later to become the Nikonos. It was a compact “O” ring sealed 35mm film camera with several interchangeable lens. An external accessory using conventional flash bulbs supplied lighting. Primitive by today's standards, it provided me with the means to share my adventures. For the longest time my photography was centered in the underwater world. Rarely, did I enter the sea without an underwater camera system or two with me. Over time the images were published in books, magazines, slide presentations and equipment catalogs. In the process they had taken me to unique dive destinations from Long Island to the far away Islands of the South Pacific, the Red Sea and the Galápagos, to name a few. With all this traveling, I soon became a dive leader and instructor, coordinating groups of 10 to 40 fellow divers venturing out to explore and photograph one incredible location after the next.

My interest in photography continued to grow. About 17 years ago, I transitioned from strictly underwater to a land and studio photographer. Fish became birds, coral became flowers and people remained people -- only drier. I had the opportunity to meet and work with several professionals, allowing me to move into Portrait, Glamour, Fashion. Natue and Floral Photography. I branched out into another area of photography that I always loved - animals and pets. In fact, I’ve been a board member of a no-kill shelter for the last 20 years.

When I was deeply involved with Underwater Photography, I had the opportunity to teach others as an Underwater Photography Instructor. Now, workshops and seminars on Portraits, Glamour, Floral, Macro and Pets provide me the opportunity to share my knowledge with inspiring photographers. I also attend the workshops and seminars presented by my peers whenever possible. Like Rick Sammon, Scott Kelby, Mike Hagen, Joe McNally and Lindsey Adler.  One can never stop learning if one is inspired to teach.

 I still get an exhilarating feeling when looking through my viewfinder, and I’m striving to make my best image yet. This is something I know I’ll never achieve, but never stop pursuing. With the software enhancements available today, I believe a great image is 99% produced in camera and made better in postproduction. I never inspire to make a bad photo acceptable with digital trickery. Photography is the pursuit and control of light. Join me in my endeavor by attending one of my many photographic seminars and workshops as we explore and experiment together with ways to bring our images into the digital age and beyond. Due to medical problems I'm forced to limit some but not all of my photo work and do more illustrations and cartoons. However, please feel free to contact me about any work you may need and I'll ket you known if I can handle it or recommend one of my professional photographer friends.

Contact: keithibsen@mac.com or 516.578.5390

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